Club Policies

 1.          TEAM SELECTION

 All players attending Team Selections for the Club will be placed in a team relevant to their age group.

The selectors at the team selections will ideally consist of a panel of selectors (ideally a 3- member panel where at least 1 has a general knowledge of the players). The selectors will organise teams to be put on the court.

 There will be an Age Group Manager for each age group/division. This person will be the contact point throughout the selection process.

Contact details for Age Group Managers will be emailed prior to team selections.

Selectors will have access to a player’s previous coach, should they wish to discuss a player.

All players are required to attend all selection sessions. Selections in teams will be based on the results of the selection process. Failure to attend all selections may impact on the level and team at which that player is selected.

Please advise the Club as early as possible by email at should a player be unable to attend all selections.

If a returning player is unable to attend all selections, the player will be placed in a team-based on ability at selections and advice/feedback from their coach in the previous year.

In the case of injury, the length of rehabilitation will be considered.

If a new player to the Club is unable to attend all team selections, placement in a team will be based on the ability of the player from attended team selections.

Selectors aim to ensure teams are balanced and players are selected at an appropriate ability level.

The Club reserves the right to call additional selections (if the need arises) for a group of nominated players should further assessment be required.

Selector’s decisions and team placements are final.

The Club reserves the right to review the selection of any player.

As we have large numbers of player’s trialling each year, we are unable to provide feedback to players attending Team Selections.


All Grange Uniting Netball Club girls who have registered and played the previous full winter season.

Should a player have left the Club at any time after registration in the preceding winter season, the Executive will decide if special circumstances exist for the player to be given priority over the Waitlist


Team numbers will be filled in the following order:

  1. Siblings of registered players – must be noted on Registration of Interest
  2. Players returning after an absence from one (1) full winter season (but not as a result of the cancellation of membership). * Refer to below note for further information
  3. The player selected at the discretion of the Executive
  4. Waitlist – by order of the date received by the
  5. Any other interested players

* To be eligible for Waitlist Priority after returning from one full winter's absence, the player/guardian must submit a request to the Club Secretary, and be received by the Club Secretary PRIOR to the close of winter registrations for the year of absence. The request to include the player name, age group, date of birth and REASON for the absence.

All requests will be reviewed by the Executive Committee to determine if special circumstances exist for the player to be given Waitlist Priority. If it is determined that no special circumstances exist, then the player will be placed on the waitlist by order of the date received by the Registrar.


Players/Parents must register prior to the registration closing date. Full fees must be paid prior to the final payment date.

Failure to submit registration prior to the closing date and failure to pay full fees by the nominated final date will preclude a player from attending Team Selection.

All Junior players (up to and including U17) will attend selections prior to the winter season. Should a team be the only team entering an age division, all players must attend a session of some description prior to the team being finalised.

For Open Team placements, wherever possible, players must be sourced from within the Club first, prior to seeking players from outside the Club.

Where possible, team numbers will be capped at 9 players per team. It will be at the Club discretion to increase/decrease the number of players per team as required.

Ratified: 29 January 2019. Review Annual


 Each team must have a coach.

The Club will endeavour to assist in sourcing coaches for all teams.

A coach should ideally be sourced from within the team (parent, friend, sibling, guardian etc).

Should a team be unable to appoint a coach the Club reserves the right to withdraw that team from the competition prior to the first game.

In this instance, full fees will be refunded.

Ratified: 29 January 2019 Review: Annual


 All coaches and team managers of Junior teams (up to and including U17), will be required to submit a current working with children check.

Ratified: 29 January 2019. Review Annual


If in any week a team is short on players, vacancies in the team should be filled in the order below:

  1. Player to be sourced from the team below (unless in the same Division) within the same age group, as long as the team below is then not left short on players (e.g. less than 7 players). Where possible the player provided from the team below is to be decided based on negotiations between

    If either coach considers that this is not appropriate for the coming game, please discuss with the coaching coordinator.Please also note the following:

Players filling in to a higher division team may only play a maximum of 4 games for that team. Should a player fill in for 5 games for the same team, they are to remain in that higher team for the duration of the season (as per SAUCNA rules and regulations).

No player shall play in any finals match in more than one grade, on the same day, without SAUCNA Committee permission.

  1. From the Clubs Waiting List
    Please contact the Club’s Registrar as to players that are the appropriate age on the waiting list. If a player is considered appropriate, please contact the player and organise to complete a Registration Form for the player (available from the Club secretary). The completed Registration Form needs to be completed and submitted with the scorecard to the Score Registrar. The Score Registrar will arrange for Club officials to sign the Registration Form.
  2. Locate a player from outside of the Club
    Please organise to complete a Registration Form for the fill-in player (available from the Club secretary).

The completed Registration Form needs to be submitted with the scorecard to the Score Registrar. The Score Registrar will arrange for Club officials to sign the Registration Form.

Note: If a player plays more than 5 games for the Club, one-third of full registration fees will be payable. E.g. once played 5 games, payment to occur before the 6th game.

If any of the above guidelines are not considered feasible to fill either a short or long term vacancy, the matter will then need to be raised through the Executive Committee.

Any player filling in for another team is required to play a minimum of two quarters, subject to injury, illness or any other unforeseeable circumstance.

Ratified: 29 January 2019. Review Annual


The Policy below is to be adopted for teams within the Junior Divisions: U8 - U15.

Prior to the first game, and after Team Selections:

In the event of a player withdrawing from a team after Team Selections have been finalised, and prior to the first game of the season, the permanent replacement player will be determined via Team Selectors recommendations.

As per the above, player movement will occur for each division, with the permanent replacement player sourced for the bottom team from the waitlist.

All players have the right of refusal to move to another team.

After the first game of the season:

In the event that a player withdraws from a team, after the first game of the season, the following process will be followed:

  1. The coach is consulted to determine if they require a replacement player. The coach will be given the option to continue the remainder of the season without a permanent replacement
  2. The coach has the option to select a fully financial player from any team within the age division (negotiation between coaches and coach coordinator). Final approval must be given by the Executive
  3. If option 2 above is exhausted, the permanent replacement player may be sourced from the Final approval must be given by the Executive Committee.
  4. If there are no players on the waitlist, or no waitlist players deemed of suitable playing ability by the coach, the coach has the option to source a permanent replacement player from outside the Club. Final approval must be given by the Executive
  5. All players have the right of refusal to move to another

In the event that a player withdraws from a team, where there are two teams in the same division, the following will apply:

Player movement between both teams will be as per SAUCNA policy:

Two or more teams from the one club may play in the same grade. A club that has teams in the same grade shall nominate their teams highest to lowest. Players may interchange between teams but once a player has played five (5) matches in a higher named team that player may not play again in the lower team except with Association Committee permission. No interchanges are permitted between such teams after week 10 or in the major round matches without Association Committee permission.


The Executive Committee reserve the right to intervene and decide on permanent player movement.

Ratified: 29 January 2019. Review Annual


 All players must complete full payment of Club fees prior to the final payment date.    Members experiencing financial hardship must contact the Club Treasurer prior to the nominated final payment date of fees. In hardship cases, minimum payment will be required for insurance purposes before the first game.

Should a player enter a team mid-season part fees will be payable and determined by the committee.

Ratified: 29 January 2019. Review Annual


 Players requesting a refund of fees due to illness, injury or any other reason, will be assessed by the Committee. Please note that full refunds may not always apply as an Administration Fee will be held. Any refund will be at the discretion of the Committee.

Winter Specific: Should a player register for the Winter season and withdraw for any reason the following fees apply:
Withdrawal before trials begin - 25% admin fee withheld 
Withdrawal once Club Trails have begun - 50% admin fee is withheld
(please note "team selection/ trial date" in policy relates to when the club begins trials - individual age groups' trial dates may differ and do not apply to the policy).
Withdrawal after team placement is possible, however, no refund is provided one-week post team placement. Any player looking to request a transfer to another SAUCNA club post 'team selection/ trials' no refunds will be given.
Any and all refunds will be at the discretion of the Committee.

Ratified: 24th July 2023. Review Annual

8.       GAME TIME

 Over the course of the season players will play a minimum of three-quarters of the games they attend for their own team. (e.g. attend 8 games = 24 quarters, attend 14 games = 42 quarters). This is subject to injury, illness or any other unforeseeable circumstance.

This excludes instances where the player fills in for another team.

During the Finals Round, all players in that team attending the game will play a minimum of two quarters. This is subject to injury, illness or any other unforeseeable circumstance.

Ratified: 29 January 2019. Review Annual


If a team incurs excessive fine/s from SAUCNA throughout the Season, the team players may be jointly liable to pay the fine/s at the request of the GUNC Committee. The team manager or coach must arrange direct payment of the infringement/s via BSB to the GUNC bank account within 14 days. For a list of fines and possible infringements, please see the SAUCNA website.

Ratified: 15th June 2020. Review Annual


 Players are expected to attend all training sessions with their selected team. When a commitment is made to the Club, this includes training on stipulated nights. If a player is unable to attend a training session, they must notify the coach.

Injured players should still attend training where possible.

Players who regularly miss training without an acceptable reason may be liable to disciplinary action.

Ratified: 29 January 2019. Review Annual


Whilst players are expected to be co-operative at all times, disciplinary action is sometimes necessary. This may occur when a player:

  1. Refuses to abide by a Coach’s
  2. Shows poor or unacceptable behaviour and is generally
  3. Is repeatedly late for training and
  4. Fails to attend training on numerous
  5. Fails to notify the coach as to non-attendance at trainings or
  6. Breaches the Code of Conduct (both Grange Uniting Netball Club Code of Conduct and/or SAUCNA Code of Conduct).
  7. Any other behaviour deemed inappropriate by the committee which may bring the Club into disrepute.

Disciplinary gameday action may include:

  • Removal from court
  • Omission from the starting team for the next

Disciplinary game day action will be determined by the coach.

Coaches will usually warn a player when her behaviour is seen to be inappropriate or not befitting of a Grange Netball Club member, but in some circumstances, action may be taken without warning if the behaviour is seen to warrant this.

Coaches will refer all disciplinary matters to the Committee.

Should any player bring the Grange Uniting Netball Club into disrepute and/or unacceptable behaviour continues the following process will occur:

  • Player and parent/guardian to have a meeting with an Executive Committee member and Coach (if player under the age of 18).
  • Player to have a meeting with an Executive Committee member and coach (if player 18 and over).
  • Formal notification in writing to be given at the
  • Formal notification in writing along with agreed actions to be signed by both the Club representative, player and guardian (if under the age of 18yo).

Should a further breach occur, a player may be subject to a penalty. Penalties administered may include: suspension from playing (including but not limited to, minor round and finals games), cancellation of membership from the Club. Penalties will be determined by the Committee.

Should a player’s membership be cancelled, the player is not given the right of return for any following netball seasons. Should a player request a return to play for the Grange Uniting Netball Club after cancellation, a return to play will be at the discretion of the Committee.


The Grange Uniting Netball Club will not support any parent/spectator who displays unacceptable behaviour.

Should any parent/spectator's behaviour result in a complaint from the opposition team and/or SAUCNA, the parent/spectator may be required to attend any SAUCNA hearing and will be responsible for any penalty issued by SAUCNA (eg a payment of fine).

Should a fine be issued and the offender subsequently does not pay the fine by the due date, the Club may cancel the membership of the player/s directly linked with the offender.

Ratified: 29 January 2019. Review Annual

  12.       DONATIONS


Only current registered winter players who have paid full registration fees will be eligible to apply.

Applications will only be accepted during the current winter netball season.

Parent/Guardian can apply on behalf of the applicant, where the young person is under 18 years old.

Eligibility Criteria:

Selected to represent SA or Australia in a National or International netball competition, held either in this state, interstate or overseas (proof of selection must be provided), in a team affiliated with SAUCNA, SAPSASA or SSSSA.

The following WILL NOT be considered for funding:

  • Applications received less than two weeks prior to the competition
  • Applications received less than two weeks prior to the Annual Winter Season Presentation Night (held at the conclusion of the winter netball season)
  • Applications received from current registered fill in winter players who have paid part registration fees
  • Funding that is retrospective (during or after the competition/event has commenced)


Application to be in writing and submitted to the Secretary, together with proof of selection and competition details.

Eligible applicants may only apply once in a winter season.

Eligibility for funding does not mean your application will be successful. Funding is limited and applications will be assessed by the committee.

Ratified: 29 January 2019. Review Annual


GUNC Appointed Personnel / Volunteers are responsible for the safety of the children in their care at all times.

A club appointed adult will not be left alone with a child in a place that cannot be observed by others. No closed doors.

An appointed adult will not take a child to their home or encourage meetings outside the program activity. If meeting in a public place, only with the prior knowledge of a parent.

Appointed personnel (coaches, team officials) are to be screened as per the Netball Australia Member Protection Regulation as required. Police clearance certificates will  be  updated every 3 years.

Personal information gathered by any adult appointed by the club must be kept confidential, stored securely and destroyed appropriately at the conclusion of the season.

All information will otherwise be kept confidential.

Adults supervising children must know where they are at all times.

Two adults which can include coach/manger/parent must supervise all training/matches. A roster will be developed, requiring at least one parent to remain at training/match to supervise and assist each week to ensure that an adult is not left alone with a child (or group of children).

Parents will be informed of start and finishing times. It is the parent’s responsibility to collect their child on time.

Those responsible for supervising children should be aware of who is collecting the child from training/matches and must ensure no unauthorised person has access to the child whilst under their supervision.

Two adults must remain at the courts/venue until all children are collected.

Adults appointed by the club may not drive a player home without another adult present in the car unless permission is granted by that child’s parent.

Touching should be in response to the need of the child, not the adult.

Explain what the touching will include and ask the child’s permission – resistance from the child should be respected.

Be explicit about where you will be touching. Touching should avoid breasts, buttocks and groin.

Touching should be open and not secretive

The Club is not responsible for any car rosters arranged by parents.

Any parent/volunteer who have concerns or questions to contact Child Protection Officer. All notifications will be taken seriously with the strictest of confidentiality.

If you believe a child is at immediate risk of abuse phone 000.

Any further enquiries please email the Child Safety Officer whose contact can be found on our website (contact page).

Further information can be found at:

Child Abuse Report line: Phone 13 14 78 learning/health-wellbeing-and-special-needs/report-child-abuse/report-child-abuse

Child Abuse Report Line which is a general line for public use to make a CARL notification.

KIDS HELP LINE: Live chat with us online. Open 7 days. 8am to 12am (midnight) AEST. It can take a while to connect with one of their friendly people. Phone is fastest 1800 55 1800

Ratified: 29 January 2019. Review Annual


Coaches, players, officials and volunteers will refrain from smoking while involved in an official capacity for the Club, on and off the field.

No images of Club volunteers, members, officials, coaches and players smoking at Club related activities are to be placed on social media.

Smoke-Free Areas

GUNC requires the following areas to be smoke free:

  • All indoor areas
  • All outdoor playing / training areas (this includes areas off-courts that teams are training)
  • All spectator areas (standing and seated) within 10 metres of any playing or training area
  • All canteen, catering and eating and drinking areas


GUNC functions, including social and fundraising events and meetings, are to be smoke free.

Smokers may only smoke at the designated smoking area and are to dispose of cigarette butts safely before entering facilities.

Invitations and advertising for functions, meetings and events will be promoted as smoke free.


All Committee members will enforce the smoke free policy and any non-compliance will be handled according to the following process:

  • Explanation of the Club policy to the person / people concerned, including identification of the areas in which smoking is permitted
  • Continued non-compliance with the policy should be handled by at least two Committee members who will use their discretion as to the action taken, which may include asking the person / people to leave the Club facilities or function. Further action may be taken under the Club's Discipline Proceeding

Ratified: 29 January 2019. Review Annual