Paid Umpiring

Umpiring is an integral part of our game and is essential to the progress and success of the sport. Umpires are ideally positioned to apply the rules to the best of their ability, without fear or favour, and to make decisions in the interests of the game. Skilled umpiring enhances the standard of the game by complementing and encouraging skilled play, for the enjoyment of participants and spectators alike.

36 + umpires are needed every week at both our home courts and city courts .
We welcome anyone over the age of 13 to become one of our umpires. We provide support, training and mentoring.

Grange Uniting offer remuneration to our umpires of:

  • $50 per game A badged umpires - suburbs and city
  • $40 per game C&B badged umpires - suburbs and city
  • $35 per game for all experienced umpires - suburbs and city. (These umpires will be nominated as lead/ senior umpires for games).
  • $25 per game for all junior umpires 1-2 years experience
  • $25 per game for all developing orange bands umpires

Contact email if interested in umpiring for Grange and discuss how payment occurs.

To find more about umpiring pathways through SAUNCA, please click here to visit their website. Stay turned for Umpires Clinics that we run from time to time training up umpires for our games.