Lorna Godfrey

Lorna started with the club as a player in the 1950's when the club was called 'Grange Methodist Women’s Basketball Club'. At this time, our Club uniform was a black tunic. Our Club now has been privileged to keep in honour of Lorna the original dress Lorna wore.

This original dress is framed and currently on display in at the Grange Lawn Tennis Club.

Lorna was a player, coach, umpire and committee member for Grange Uniting. Lorna was also on the SAUCNA Committee for many years. Lorna also our club secretary of Grange Uniting Netball for many years and passed over the reigns in 1972. Lorna saw many changes of this club, being the names and uniforms. Unfortunately, Lorna passed away on 20th October 2021.

Lorna also has a perpetual shield named in her honour for the 'Highest club team goal percentage'. This award was named after her in the 1970's, and is still awarded each year. Teams strive to win this coveted award.