Our club relies entirely on volunteers.


Coaches play a vital role in the sport of Netball through their interaction with their players, managers, and in conjunction with Grange Netball Club who are committed to providing education, development and resources for coaches at all levels to increase their knowledge and understanding of the game.

Each team must have a coach. 

It is also important that coaches are valued for their role and enjoy a fun and rewarding experience along their coaching pathway. It is normal for the end of season to thank the coach with a token gift on behalf of your team.

If you would like to coach but don’t know where to start the club can support you with coaching clinics at both club and association level. We will offer assistance in helping you understand levels of coaching, we do provide access to drills to assist your team in learning skills at the right level and forward your coaching. There are many members of our club who will happily help you. Let us know if you are interested. Coaching can be a very rewarding experience.

Team Managers:

Each team must have a team manager. Team managers play a vital role in a team running efficiently. An organised Team Manager is important to ensure the team runs smoothly throughout the season.


Umpiring is an integral part of our game and is essential to the progress and success of the sport. Umpires are ideally positioned to apply the rules to the best of their ability, without fear or favour, and to make decisions in the interests of the game. Skilled umpiring enhances the standard of the game by complementing and encouraging skilled play, for the enjoyment of participants and spectators alike.

We welcome anyone over the age of 13 to become one of our umpires. We provide support, training and mentoring. Keep an eye out for our next umpire coaching clinic to help support and train new umpires in the Western Suburbs. Check out our Paid Umpiring for more information based on experience.


Each team is rostered several times throughout the season. All parents are expected to take part when rostered.


A scorer and timer are required for each game. You will receive a roster for these jobs

If you may be able to help out in some way or have any expertise that may be helpful to the club, no matter how small contact a committee member. Volunteers ensure our Club runs smoothly for our players to focus on playing netball.