Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  When will my daughter train?

Answer:  Our Club has devised a training roster, which we use as a guide.  There may be some negotiation, however we hope to achieve each age group training within their allocated block for one hour.  All team members will train with their own team (provide link to training roster).  Ultimately, the day/time of training will be at the coach discretion, with consultation from the team.

Question:  My daughter has another activity at the same time as netball training.  Can she train with another team or miss training altogether?

Answer:  When a player commits to the Grange Uniting Netball Club, they make a commitment to the team they are selected in.  As stated in our Policies Document (provide link), all team members will train with their own team and are expected to train every week.   If this is not possible, then the player may request to drop down to another team, whose training time suits, or re-evaluate playing with Grange Uniting Netball Club for that season.


Question: Can my daughter wear a long top under her dress when it's cold?

Answer:  No.  We have uniform requirements which must be adhered to, as per SAUCNA regulations.  Our approved uniform if the netball dress only. We understand that netball is a winter sport, and as such, it can be cold at times, however once the players begin running on court they quickly warm up.  For players off court, they most certainly can rug up until they take to the court for play.


Question:  I would like to coach, but have never done it before.  What can Grange offer?

Answer: While many of our coaches are experienced and have played netball themselves, we also have parent volunteers who are not necessarily netball players, but are good at teaching the skills necessary for players to develop.  In order to serve as your teams coach, we will share our best practice drills with you and offer free trainings and clinics.  We offer support to our coaches and respond quickly whenever you need support, guidance or coaching tips.  You will received ongoing support from our Coach Coordinator, together with support from other coaches and online resources.

Question:  What is required of me to coach a team?

Answer:  You will need to complete a background check via a Police Clearance and  complete the online child safety course 'play by the rules'.  Both of these are free.

You will need to commit to being available to run a practice session once per week for one hour, and coach games on Saturdays for the season.  Being punctual to practices and games is a must.

Communicating with your team and parents is one of the most important roles of the coach.  If you are not a good communicator, it is fine to ask another parent to take on this role.


Question:  is there training over summer?

Answer:  Generally, no, there is no training.  The coach of the team may however elect to train, and that is entirely up to the coach of the team.

Question:  How are summer teams formed?

Answer:  Summer netball is more relaxed, and as a Club, we encourage coaches, parents and players to form their own team.  Often, a winter team will continue playing into summer.

If there are new players to our Club for the summer season, we will do our very best to incorporate the player into a team of similar ability players.


Question: My child has expressed interest in playing netball this year. How old do they have to be to be able to play?

Answer: The minimum age to be able to play netball at our club is 6 (note: they must be turning 7 in the first year of play).

Question:  My  child did not make the team she was hoping for, can we have feedback to help her improve?

Answer: Our selectors have a great deal of experience and each decision they make is not taken lightly. We have large numbers of girls that trial each year and it is impossible to provide feedback to all. The best place to seek feedback is with any current coaches or teams.

Question:  My child is an above average player and plays Junior/Sub Junior 1 for Contax/Garville/Jets etc.  Can my daughter trial and play above her age group to help advance her netball?

Answer:  As stated in our Policy Document:  "All players attending Team Selections for the Club will be placed in a team relevant to their age group". We are unfortunately unable to deviate from our current Policies.  After Team Selections, your daughter will be placed in the appropriate team suitable to her skill level, in her appropriate age group. Exceptions only granted by committee decision. Committee decision is final.

Question:  Team Selection and Friendships, can we select a friend for my child to be with?

Answer:  Under 9s and over - Team selections are held prior to the winter season beginning.  A player will be put into a team that reflects their age and ability. 
Under 8s - Each year the GUNC ensures that there is a mix of returning players and new players in each team.  We do allow you to select a couple of friends and will do our best to guarantee one friendship in your childs team.
We DO NOT keep the same teams together from the previous year.  We stress to both players and parents that when you join our club you become part of the Grange Family, which is not limited to school groups, or predeveloped friendship groups.

Playing netball is a team sport that allows players to solidify current friendships but also gives them the chance to expand their friendship base with other players within the club.  At different times in their netball career, they will come in contact with a wide variety of players.  Our position on team allocations is an important part of the players' development and continue friendships.