If you would like to coach but don’t know where to start the club can support, you with coaching clinics at both club and association level. We will offer financial assistance to complete an online coaching course, which provides the basics for coaching. There are many members of our club who will happily help you. Let us know if you are interested. Coaching can be a very rewarding experience.

If you are interested in coaching a winter team your commitment would include:

  • Attendance at a Coaches & Managers meet and greet (this will assist in organising training nights & possible club sponsorship)
  • Attendance at 2-3 coaches/managers meetings during the season
  • Conducting a 60min training session each week from March - August (approx)
  • Coaching each weekly game (total of 18 rounds including finals)
  • Attendance at club day where presentations are required
  • Attendance at the annual presentation night
  • We also have a closed facebook group for coaches and team managers where you are able to ask questions and we can provide information through this means in addition to club emails.

All coaches are supported by a team manager, and mentors can be organised if required.

Our summer season is a little more relaxed. The minimum commitment for summer is to attend weekly games as per your schedule and arrange your own umpires for each match. We do have a pool of umpires that we can put you in touch with.

Check out our Resources page for you and our Frequently Asked Questions