Team Managers

Your child’s team needs a volunteered team manager. Could this be you?
Team Managers role during our winter season, required to support the coach, parents and players.  Team managers are the link between the club and players, for distributing communications. No you don’t need to know about netball, you just need to be:

  • Willing to help the coach with rosters (don’t worry we have a template you can use)
  • Attend majority of training sessions to liaise with coach and parents
  • Attend the first team managers/coaches meeting
  • Provide all players with team rosters (some choose to use Free Apps such as “Team Stuff” or templates in our resources section)
  • Take responsibility for the team bag & equipment (pick up before season and drop back after season)
  • Assist with logging scores online through Results Vault (how-to document provided).
    If you get stuck Ange is here to help! She is the Results Vault Guru, she can talk you through if you are having any difficulties with any of the processes.
  • Ensure fill-in players are registered (how-to document provided)
  • We also have a closed Facebook group for coaches and team managers where you are able to ask questions and we can provide information through this means in addition to club emails.
  • Parents are always willing to assist, so you may like to ask one parent to help log results into Results Vault etc.

Our summer season is less formal. Teams may choose to have a team manager or a coach, or both.

Thanks for considering!

Check out our Resources page for you and our Frequently Asked Questions